Overcoming the Spirit of Fear

God is pleased by faith. But God is displeased when we surrender to the spirit of control, which has us engaging in a flash in envying, malice, strife, and other malevolence.

Fear works in each of us, and it’s not the only cause of sin, but it’s there and thereabouts so often we must learn to be aware of our fear and how it triggers us into inappropriate attitudes and behaviors.

Fear is in all of us. It drives the spirit of control, which insists on its own way.

The spirit of control does not just exist in some nebulous perpetrator of abuse ‘out there’. It exists in us as part of our spiritual fabric. It bears witness as the idols of our heart are exposed. And we all have them.

Overcoming the spirit of control is about becoming aware, being honest in that awareness, and choosing to turn from our pride in the attitude, and by the behavior, of repentance.

God is pleased not when we expose the speck in another person’s eye, but when we remove the log from our own. God is very pleased with us when we bear the fruit of repentance.

Beauty in life is possible when we relinquish our need of control. When we free others to be themselves, we ourselves experience freedom. This is the good fruit of repentance.

Once we have overcome the spirit of control that is driven by our fear, we’re able to be in that moment where God always intended we be: a blessing.

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